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Our Mission 

is to ensure a safe and healthy home for you and your family using the latest in technologies.  

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Darren Smith Waukesha Home Inspections Inspector
AHIT certified member Waukesa Home Inspections Inpector
Exterior Inspector certified Waukesha Home Inspections
Infrared Certified by Internachi
Home Advisor certified and approved
Certified Professional Inspector Waukesha Home Inspections Inspector
Radon Tester Waukesha Home Inspections Inspector
Safe Workplace Inspector Waukesh Home Inspection
Interachi Certified Plumbing Inspector Waukesha Home Inspectons
For Your Protection,
Get a Home Inspection

Home inspections are a standard now a days for many different reasons.  Whether it's for financing, insurance, or your own peace of mind.  Waukesha Home Inspections looks forward to being an option that will work with you to understand the home you are purchasing.  We are right here in your community and are just as excited to see your potential investment and explore all the ins and outs of the property thoroughly using the latest technologies. Then we will not just write a report, we will do a walk through and explain items for your full understanding.

Same Day Reports

Waukesha Home Inspections inspectors are thorough and the inspection is done with safety in mind for the inspector, the client and their family and friends as well as respect for the property.  We like to spend time with the client before we leave the premises if possible, and go over items so there is a good understanding prior to receiving the report.  This may include pictures we take up on the roof, inside an attic, and in crawl spaces. Places the clients may never see otherwise, as well as other pictures and a walk around the property.  The report is delivered via email the same day as the inspection or soon after if a hard copy is requested.

Utilizing Technology

Waukesha Home Inspections utilizes gas leak detecting instruments, laser thermometers, gfci testers, electrical current readers, moisture meters, and voltage testers. Many tests are conducted and recorded.  We include many digital images to help understand the report easier and to locate some of the essential devices.  We also are trained and certified in Infrared Thermal Imaging and Radon testing.  We offer those services at a discounted rate to our clients who are getting a home inspection done with us.  We also offer those services without a home inspection.  Please visit the tabs at the top of the page to find out more about Thermal Imaging and Radon testing and why you may want to include them in your inspection.


Trained and certified at American Home Inspectors Training Institute.

State Licensed

Certified by and current member of the largest international home inspectors association....INTERNACHI

Former member of ASHI

National Board of Home Inspectors certified.


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